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Staten Island OutLOUD

August 9, 2015
Historic Richmond Town, Staten Island, NY

Dolores Morris, author of The Soldier That Wagged Her Tail, discussed the extraordinary story of WWII service by her father, William A, Morris Jr., and his comrade-in-arms… Trixie: a brave little dog that he met just before the Normandy Invasion. View photos and more from the event.

William A. Morris Humanitarian Award Luncheon

September 26, 2015 – 11am
Li Greci’s Staaten, Staten Island, NY

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A very touching story of a black American soldier and the dog he meets and befriends during WWII. It made me laugh and cry. Including the dog’s dialogue was a very creative way to make the story come alive. Highly recommend this book.

— Beverly Wilson
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